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What is this MicroFiber cloth that I'm talking about? Well, I thought the same thing too, four years ago when I made my first purchase. Ladies, if there's anything that a woman needs, it's something that can help us cut down or improve our cleaning methods, right? Well, I'm one of those people. I wanted to give it a try and so I made my purchase then, although I balked at the time I found out how much it cost!! However, the "promise" was that I would not require any cleaning supplies anymore. I was also the type of person that if I used a different type of cleaner or solution that I have not tried before, the risk I fall into is rashes and nasty hives!

Therefore, I bought this cloth and it was the best investment that I'd ever made. Until today, I still have my "rag" and believe it or not, it is still in good condition! I have never purchased any cleaning solution after that day. Although I inherited some from my husband, when we got married and I warned him repeatedly that the rag was not to be used with any bleach or cleaning solutions for that matter. We now have TWO cleaning cloths, a mop and eyeglass cleaner.

I love this product so much that I decided to become an Independent Distributor. It took me a while because I didn't realize that they had such a program. Believe me, I even purchased one of those that were claiming to be the "one" and it was also CHEAPER. Well, it didn't last. I guess, I got for what I paid, right? I have found that nothing compares to the Trasan™ MicroFiber Miracle Cloth! Yes, I have saved myself money in not purchasing cleaning supplies. And I love cleaning my bathroom, sink especially, and seeing it so nice and clean, with only water!.

Browse through the website. We have cleaning cloth, mops, eyeglass cloth and much more.

Please email trasan@tearoomsonline.com regarding your questions or order.