About TeaRoomsOnLine.com


Welcome to TeaRoomsOnLine.com. If your search for Iowa tearooms brought you to this website, well, the search has not been in vain. First, let me say how excited and thrilled I am to be able to bring TeaRoomsOnLine.com to you. I hope that you will enjoy browsing through this website and that it has provided you with what you were searching for. We also hope that you will continue to come back and visit us again. 

How it all began...

In case you're curious, no, I do not own a tearoom. Nor do I have any business that's related to tearooms at all. It all began with an idea that's born out of my love and interest for tearooms. I had been toying with the idea of developing a website such as this and the timing was perfect to do so. I thought that this would be a fun way to introduce to you the tearooms in Iowa, giving you an idea of schedules, menus and also, each one's uniqueness. 

By no means will this website ever be complete. As you can see with the ongoing themes that occurs at this website. It's an ongoing process of improving and providing better information to you. Your feedback is very much welcome and the website continues to grow in it's readership. 

Why a website for tearooms?

Why? Because I have been fascinated with tearooms ever since I first went and had lunch at one. I've had High Teas before, but they were in "formal" settings. Scrumptious finger sandwiches and very proper! But nothing like the tearooms I've been to here, specifically in Iowa. Later, I learned that there were quite a few tearooms in Iowa (surprise!). Since then, I've tried to visit the tearooms that were within reasonable driving distance. For example, tearooms in Story City, Indianola, Perry, Polk City and Boone to name a few. 

It's hard to express the experiences in words. Needless to say I enjoyed it tremendously! After lunch, the joy was just to shop and browse through the gift shop afterwards. Coupled with my love for antiques, I always look forward to these tearoom trips that my friends and I would take. I've even considered opening a business with a "tea party" theme but instead, I opted out on creating this website. Perhaps I want a "place" for people to share and take note of these tearooms.

I found it hard to find these places. Word of mouth here and there, phone books, referrals here and there but nowhere specific. That's why. I also rely upon you to help me in this process.  

Final Word

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